Terms and Conditions of Employment for special events

Intelligence on the Fontys and Fontys ICT frameworks for Terms and Conditions of Employment for special events of special events.

1. Arrangements for special occasions

Fontys pays appropriate attention to the various special occasions of its employees, both in the work atmosphere and in the personal sphere. In order to achieve this, guidelines have been drawn up that describe the frameworks to be used in this respect. Within the framework established for this purpose, the wishes of the employee are leading as much as possible. The starting point of these agreements is that Fontys ICT mainly wants to invest in activities in which colleagues can participate (social bonding).

2. Special occasions

  • Anniversaries;
    • service anniversaries at Fontys: 12.5 25 and 40 years;
    • office anniversaries: 25 and 40 years.
  • Marriage, registered partnership or birth of a child;
  • Disease;
  • Death;
  • End of employment;
  • Departure to another employer (internal and external).

3. Procedure

The actions in these guidelines are carried out by or on behalf of the People Manager, with the support of the executive secretariat and/or the management assistant HR Fontys ICT.