Educational vision

This page describes the Fontys ICT's vision on education. The education within Fontys ICT is student centred education and is derived from the Fontys ICT mission, the organisational vision and the vision on quality.


Fontys ICT trains ICT professionals at HBO level, who are able to function professionally and both independently and in teams effectively and efficiently. Fontys ICT offers its students the opportunity to optimally develop into professionals, who are able to steer their own development. Fontys ICT is thus in line with the requirements of the professional field and society. Fontys ICT offers talent-oriented education; The individual student is our target group! We offer each student a customised study, focusing on what the student wants to become good at or even better at. Education stimulates qualities, talents and ambitions. In education, students are motivated and coached to be enterprising and inquisitive.

We guarantee all our students an individually appropriate, broad study programme, with which they can carry out any conceivable ICT starting position at a HBO level. Their study programme is designed with modern ICT-media, is meaningfully tested, provides them with the basis for Lifelong Learning and is carried out in co-creation with the work field.

Vision on learning

Student centred education at Fontys ICT is:

  • Meaningful and practice-oriented:
    'Student centred education' invites, students, lecturers and cooperating parties to be mutually inspired and stimulates their talents. Education is linked to, and preferably integrated with, professional practice, including international influences and doing research.
  • Talent-oriented and personalised:
    Student centred education does justice to the individual characteristics of all Fontys ICT students and their learning processes. Education gives room to the development of the talents of students, lecturers and other parties involved.
  • Social:
    We take a socially constructivist view of learning. The dialogue between students, lecturers and stakeholders is essential in knowledge creation and learning. The meeting is central to this: and learn from and with each other. All parties (students, lecturers, external parties) interact with each other and with each other. Fontys ICT attaches great importance to the international context in its education, so that students can orientate and develop themselves internationally.

Vision on didactics

We stimulate the development of the individual talents of the student. The focus is on the further development of what students (can) excel at and the facilitation of the development of the student.

We assume that students learn more when they think about a problem individually or in groups, discover and experiment and research for themselves. Moreover, we assume that students build up knowledge if they can link it to existing prior knowledge. Those who actively develop knowledge are more involved and motivated to learn. Education is based on professional practice. Projects, for example in the form of professional tasks, provide the meaningful simulated professional practice, for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and a professional attitude. The student is prepared for Lifelong Learning throughout the entire study by paying attention to the organisation of learning based on experience, interaction with others, theoretical learning and critically-reflective integration of the learning activities. We stimulate the student's self-management and give him more and more control over his development.

In student centred assessing the learning process of the student is central. Guidance and assessment are at the service of learning. Student centred assessing also leads to good selection for the study programme and for the profession. Fontys ICT has structurally short lines of communication with the work field and professional organisations, so that education responds in a targeted manner to current events and needs and/or trends within the (inter)national professional field. In specific areas we have research groups, in which research is conducted and cooperation is established with the work field.

In the implementation we look for a good mix of learning activities, in which a balance is sought between the best that online education and face-to-face education offers us (Blended Learning). The online and face-to-face learning activities have a relationship and reinforce each other.

At Fontys ICT we educate for professions that do not yet exist, in which problems are solved that we do not yet know with technologies that have yet to be invented!