Registering study results

The study results of the entire study career are registered in the Progress study progress programme, which is a source for various processes, employees and consultation bodies within Fontys ICT. How this works is explained here.

1. Introduction

This page describes how study results are registered in Progress. This is based on the terminology used in the assessment policy. This description provides:

2. Recording results in Progress

After the assessor meeting at the end of the semester, a unit of study will be registered in Progress with U/ S/ G/ O (Unsatisfactory / Satisfactory / Good / Outstanding). In case no assessment has taken place, 'NAs Not assessable' or 'NA Not attended' will be recorded in Progress.

3. Registration of exemptions

Exemptions are granted exclusively (and in advance) by the examination chamber. Registration takes place by entering “EX” (Exempt) in Progress.