Internship at Fontys ICT

This page describes the facilitation of internships and the process of applying for internship agreements within Fontys ICT.

Facilitate internship

Fontys ICT supports and facilitates the learning process of students from inside and outside Fontys ICT by offering internship and graduation posts (below: internship post). Within Fontys ICT various types of internship posts are offered, such as introductory internships, work experience internships, research internships and graduation internships.

If an Fontys ICT employee can offer an internship and wants to publish the internship vacancy within Fontys ICT, this is done via the system for internship and graduation assignments (ASAM) Make sure that the assignment states the correct allowance (see table 1 below). If desired, the internship vacancy can also be published Fontys-wide and/or externally by sending an e-mail to HR-Fontys ICT.

After exploring the agreements with the student/trainee, the Fontys ICT employee (= internship supervisor) and the student/trainee make agreements in mutual consultation about the form, content and duration of the internship assignment.

Allowances internship

Internship compensation

Fontys has guidelines for granting a traineeship allowance for full-time students. The type of internship (introductory internship, work experience internship, research internship, graduation internship) is not included as a determining factor in this guideline. The content differences associated with this are often linked to the academic year of the study programme.

For an overview of the internship compensation, see Table 1 .

Table 1
Gross internship compensation per month on the basis of 40 hours worked per week
Academic year Secundary vocational education (MBO) Higher (professional) education (HBO/WO)
1 max. € 200,- max. € 250,-
2 max. € 250,- max. € 350,-
3 max. € 300,- max. € 400,-
Graduation internship max. € 400,- max. € 500,-

Travel expenses allowance

If the student-trainee does not have a public transport annual pass, or works on days that are not reimbursed on the basis of the public transport annual pass, in addition to the above-mentioned monthly allowance, a travel expenses allowance for commuting can be paid in accordance with the following rules, which apply at Fontys. This means that the allowance is fixed on the basis of the distance between the home address and the place of employment, irrespective of the mode of transport used.

In accordance with the Fontys travel cost scheme, this allowance will be:

  • From 10 km to 20 km € 2.30 net per day travelled.
  • For 20 km and more € 3.48 net per day travelled.

Payment is made monthly with the salary payment.

In addition, business travel can be paid out in accordance with the regulations applicable at Fontys. The starting point is travel by public transport. The management has to give permission in advance for a business travel by own transport. For the use of own transport, the reimbursement is set at € 0.10 net per kilometre (“low rate”).

Points of attention

  • Additional income: Only under the old system of study financing for universities of applied sciences and universities is there a limit to the amount of additional income that can be earned. This also applies to students with only a student travel product. The additional earning limit in 2017 is € 14,215.75. It is about the aggregate income or taxable income. If the student exceeds this additional earning limit, the student must stop the study grant with effect from the month in which the additional earning limit is exceeded. The over-earned amount must be paid by the student to the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO). Since the introduction of the student loan, there is no longer any additional income limit for students in higher education.

In any case, include the trainee on this at the time of appointment!

  • Basic health insurance: A (foreign) trainee who is doing an internship in the Netherlands and who receives more than € 149 per month in compensation for an internship, must take out regular basic health insurance.

In any case, include the trainee on this at the time of appointment!

Applying for an internship

If agreement has been reached on the duration, form and content of the internship, the Fontys ICT employee ( = internship supervisor) applies for a internship agreement from the HR department by sending an e-mail to The following information will be added to this e-mail:

The HR Fontys ICT department puts out the application for a VOG (certificate of good conduct) and as soon as it is received ensures that the internship agreement is drawn up. This VOG will be offered digitally for signing, first to the managing director, the company supervisor and then to the student.

Please note: if an Fontys ICT student starts an internship within Fontys ICT, the 3-party agreement from Canvas is NOT valid!

In addition to the internship agreement made by HR, agreement on the contents of the internship is also important. Agreements about this are recorded by the internship supervisor and the student-trainee in the internship assignment form. This is often a standard format offered by the trainee's study programme. The completed and signed form will be sent by the internship supervisor to