Policy Chamber of the Examination Board

A description of the position, task and responsibility of the policy room of the examination board.


The policy chamber of the examination board is mainly responsible for determining the policies to be implemented by the examination chambers. In the policy chamber, knowledge of all architectural layers from the HBO-i model is represented, as well as all Fontys ICT study programmes (Associate degree, Bachelor and Master) from both full-time and part-time.

The duties and powers of the policy chamber

The policy chamber ensures that the examination board as a whole performs its tasks fully and correctly. The duties and powers of the examination board in higher education are laid down in the WHW and further described in the house regulations. These duties and powers are:

  • the objective and expert determination of whether a student meets the conditions set by the TER with regard to knowledge, insight and skills that are necessary for obtaining a degree;
  • Granting and issuing certificates;
  • Appointing examiners based on the set profiles;
  • The quality of the examinations is guaranteed, without prejudice to the responsibility of the examiners;
  • the establishment of guidelines and instructions within the framework of the TER to assess and determine the results of examinations and tests;
  • Assessing alternative programmes composed by the student for the purpose of passing an examination of which the examination leads to the obtaining of a degree, in which case the examination board shall also indicate to which study programme of the institution that programme is deemed to belong for the purpose of applying the law;
  • granting exemption for taking one or more examinations, and
  • guaranteeing the quality of the organisation and the procedures for examinations and tests. It shall carry out this task in cooperation with the testing committee.

The policy chamber also advises the management on the feasibility of the new and the implementation of the current Education and Examination Regulations (the TER).