Advancement Full-time

This page describes the sequence in which a student can progress through the educational programme. It shows in text and schematic form the decision moments and the transfer options available at that time.

1. Introduction

Advancement means the order in which a student can complete the educational programme. Advancement is regulated in the TER and is determined by whether or not students pass units of study.

2. The programme stages and advancement

The full-time HBO-ICT study programme consists of two phases.

The propaedeutic phase consists of 60 EC, divided over 2 units of study (the First semester and the first semester of the profile). The propaedeutic phase has an orientation, selection and referral job. The first semester followed by the student must be completed within one year.

The main phase consists of 180 EC, divided over 6 units of study (semesters 3 to 8).

The advancement standards are formulated in admission requirements per semester. These admission requirements and the consequences of not meeting them are described below. A unit of study is passed if the summative final assessment is S(atisfactory), G(ood) or O(utstanding). If the assessment is U(nsatisfactory), the unit of study must be retaken in its entirety (restart). This causes one semester's delay.

The admission criteria of the semesters are described in Table 1 below.

Table 1
Admission criteria for the semesters. Thereby the following applies: S1=semester 1, S2=semester 2, S3=semester 3, S4=semester 4, S5=semester 5 (internship), S6=semester 6, S7=semester 7, S8=semester 8 (final assignment).
Semester Admission criterion Notes
S2 S1 is passed
S3 S2 is passed
S4 S3 has been passed Students who have not passed S3 do S4 first and only then restart S3.
S5 S3 has been passed and S4 has been followed or S3 has been followed and S4 has been passed When applying for internship permission (halfway through a semester), S3 or S4 must be passed.
S6 S3, S4 and S5 have been passed
S7 S3, S4 and S5 are obtained
S8 S6 and S7 have been passed To graduate, all previous units of study must be passed.

Further explanation per decision point

  • The student who has taken semester 3 goes to semester 4.
  • The student will be granted permission for an internship if he has passed both semester 3 and semester 4 after one year or if he has passed either semester 3 or semester 4 after one and a half years.
  • If the student has internship permission, he will go on an internship the following semester.
  • If the student has completed internship, but has not yet completed one of semesters 3 or 4, this must still be done after the internship before he can proceed to semester 6.
  • The student may not start graduation until he has completed all other parts of the main phase.
  • A student who wants to switch specialisation S4, choice in S6-7 or teaching methods; reports to the Student Desk. The Student Desk seeks permission from the PLOU and informs the student of this decision.
  • If it is a switch of profile, e.g. profile in S2 or S3, the application is through the Examination Board.

Guidelines for possible graduation decisions

  • The student finishes and receives a diploma. This advice is given to students who have successfully graduated.
  • The student must graduate. This advice is given to students who have not successfully graduated1).
Graduation is not successfully completed if any extension or repair also failed to achieve a pass.